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Students who enrol in our JC maths tuition will learn how to approach math questions and apply effective answering techniques to achieve success in their A Level Mathematics (9758/8865) examination. Also, the wide applicability and relevance of Mathematical knowledge can be observed in many professional pathways, like engineering and accounting, as well as in the daily life settings. As such, students will study Mathematics in engaging ways to learn to appreciate the usefulness of the subject. Most importantly, the main aim of the JC maths tuition programme is to prepare students for the attainment of academic success in the examinations.

Learning Approach

The JC maths tuition programme is focused on the cultivation of thinking and problem-solving skills that enable students to recognise the appropriate methods to solve mathematical problems. Under the guidance of dedicated JC maths tutors, students will delve into the key aspects of the A Level Mathematics (9758/8865) and grasp the concepts effectively. The tutors will identify the learning problems that students experience and utilise results-proven teaching methods to help students realise their academic aspirations.

Acquisition of Content Knowledge

One of key aspects of exam preparation for A Level Mathematics (9758/8865) is the accumulation of knowledge, particularly the Pure Mathematics and Statistics and Probability. Given that the mastery of Mathematics require in-depth analysis of concepts and application, the JC maths tuition classes will be instructional, in which students will undergo progressive learning to reinforce conceptual comprehension.

Nurture Thinking Skills

Our JC maths tuition programme is effective in refining the thinking skills of students to handle the rigours of the A Level Mathematics (9758/8865) examination. Students will be given opportunities to put their thinking skills to the test by attempting various past examination questions, which are curated by the tutors. Tutors will also verbalise their thought processes to exemplify the ideal steps to undertake when dealing with different math questions. Therefore, students can emulate and acquire these skills to excel in the exam.

Learn Systematic Study Approaches

Students who are stumped in their revision process will discover exam-oriented learning approaches to improve their knowledge retention rate and conceptual understanding of A Level Mathematics (9758/8865) topics. During the JC maths tuition programme, the tutors will introduce ways to study Math consistently, such as cultivating the habit to revise chapters and attempt practice questions. The review of topics is conducted regularly to ensure that students remember the key points and answering methods.

JC Tuition Class Schedule

View our class schedule and enrol in the JC tuition programme for J1 and J2 students.

Class Activities

The JC maths tuition programme comprises of different class activities that will keep students engaged and inspired to explore the topics. The teaching content will be based on the latest A Level Mathematics (9758/8865) syllabus for both H1 and H2 Mathematics students. Throughout the educational journey, students will examine and analyse the concepts, coupled with the use of knowledge application in practice questions. Consistent revision of topics will reduce the apprehension of students and raise their exam confidence, thereby enabling them to surpass their perceived limitations.

Formulae Teaching

As the study of A Level Mathematics (9758/8865) involve the utilization of different formulae, students will learn to recognize the significance and applicability of the formulae. Given the understanding that some students may find the formulae rather abstract, the JC math tutors will utilize real world examples, which are seen in specific practice questions, to help them to relate to the math concepts effectively.

Question Variation Discussion

Exam preparation is achieved through the cultivation of question familiarity, in which students can attempt numerous questions that cover a wide scope. Such an approach will minimize the occurrence of mental blocks when dealing with examination questions, which is clearly the consequence of inadequate practice. Therefore, tutors will provide a vast list of practice questions for students to attempt.

Class Practice and Evaluation

Class practices are held with the consideration that students may encounter obstacles, like the inability to find a workaround solution to the math problems. The JC maths tuition programme features class practices to provide students with the opportunities to evaluate their competency level. In other words, these practice sessions can be viewed as diagnostic tests for students to determine whether they are exam-ready. Hence, the class practices are timely opportunities for students to conduct self-evaluation.

Programme Benefits

Our JC Math Tuition programme offers many benefits for students and all of which are listed below in detail. These benefits are attainable for all students, regardless of their starting points, as long as they are determined to put in the time and effort to grasp the subject. Furthermore, our JC math tutors are passionate in teaching and determined to help every individual to unlock their learning potential.

Useful Learning Resources

JC Math Tuition provides its students with comprehensive materials needed for them to excel in math. Our materials include concise notes that help with student’s revision and their understanding of the various topics. On top of that we have ample practice questions that help cement student’s proficiency and understanding of the topic to ensure they are exposed to a wide range of question types.

Refine Problem Solving and Thinking Skills

In A Level Math, the development of problem solving and thinking skills is imperative and we strive to help develop that in all our students. Through exposing students to different question types, engaging them in class discussions and giving them plenty of opportunities to put whatever they have learnt into practice, we make sure students are well equipped with these critical skills.

Monitoring of Learning Progress

Our tutors ensure that no student is left behind. One of the ways we reinforce this is to tailor classes to make sure that students are grouped according to their learning style. Also, tutors are constantly keeping watch on students so as to monitor their progress. Students are also encouraged to set their own goals and targets so that teachers are able to work together with them to help reach their goals.

Post-Lesson Consultation

Unlike some tutors, we are generous with our post lesson consultation sessions. Students are in fact encouraged to arrange post lesson consultation sessions with us because we believe students ought to clear whatever doubts they have as soon as possible. Our tutors are also ever ready to respond to student’s calls anytime anywhere so you can be assured that every doubt will be addressed promptly.

Passion to Learn

We aspire for all students to develop a hunger for learning. That is why we are actively seeking for new ways to engage students. We want our students to develop a passion for mathematics and we aim to do so through making lessons interactive. Whenever possible we organise activities to take learning outside of the classroom so students will be able to broaden their horizons and be inspired.

Excellent Study Guide (Learning Resources)

JC Math Tuition presents students with extensive learning resources to aid students in their journey towards academic distinction in math. We want all our students to be well equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and materials to ace their math examinations.

JC Maths Notes

Our study notes are carefully crafted to ensure it is concise and easy to comprehend. Our tutors are also constantly reviewing and revising our study notes to ensure it keeps up with the latest math syllabus. This ensures our notes are always relevant to students. On top of study notes, we come up with revision notes as well to help students recap on whatever they have learnt so far in the most effective manner.

Practice Questions

By attending our lessons, students are equipped with a good range of practice questions that will ensure they are sufficiently exposed to the various questions types in a typical mathematics paper. This sort of exposure and emphasis on practice will make sure students are always prepared for any question that presents itself in the mathematics paper.

Skills Development

The mastery of A Level Mathematics (9758/8865) is achieved through the cultivation and refinement of application skills, such as information processing and problem solving. As Mathematics involves the examination of problems in multi-varied perspectives, students will learn how to tackle different basic and challenging questions to build up familiarity of questions.

About JC Maths Tutor Sze Chuan

Sze Chuan is a passionate JC maths tutor, who believes in the cultivation of effective learning habits. Under his close guidance and monitoring, students will be inspired to explore the unknown in the A Level Mathematics (9758/8865) landscape and acquire the essential knowledge application skills. During the JC maths tuition programme, students will explore different real world applications that tutor has introduced. Sze Chuan also provides many exam-oriented learning resources to support the revision process of students. As such, many students have benefited from the JC maths tuition programme.

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