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Our programme for JC Chemistry Tuition Hub is provided by our tutor, Sze Chuan. The programme focuses on helping students attain the relevant and critical skills required for students to not only have better understanding of chemistry as a subject, but also key examination skills necessary to ace the GCE A level Chemistry (9729/8872) Examination. By focusing on developing the necessary skills and knowledge, we keep the student’s learning pace and progress in check which are necessary for them to attain good pass or distinction in internal school examination. We aspire to develop the students to learn how to think independently and apply their learned knowledge critically to the real world.

Methodology – How We Teach

Our teaching aims to help JC students achieve success with their GCE A Level Chemistry (9729/8872) Examination. Coupled with exam-oriented focus, we also seek to develop the students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills, especially in the context of chemistry as a science, such that these skills will carry them through even in their university years and in life. The three facets that our programme focuses on are knowledge building, application of knowledge, and attainment of examination skills.

Knowledge Building

A good base knowledge in chemistry is akin to equipping students with the necessary tools to handle the problems being thrown at them (in the case of examination questions). We focus on building a solid understanding of the definition of chemistry terms and simplifying chemistry concepts such that they are manageable and digestible even for those struggling. The use of visual aids to illustrate chemical reactions in our lessons also serves as good memory cues for revisions. Students will also learn to integrate knowledge from different topics to help them better tackle some of the more complex questions in the GCE A level Chemistry (9729/8872) examination.

Application of Knowledge

A good mechanic is not just someone that is equipped with well-maintained tools, he is also someone that can manipulate his tools masterfully and utilise them appropriately to the different contexts. Similarly, we believe that students should not only focus on the pure regurgitation of facts in their revision but also know how to apply their chemistry knowledge to a wide-range of possible question types in examination. Many students tend to have the difficulty in identifying the topics that are being tested in a question and miss out important points of discussion necessary to attain the full credit from the examiner. Therefore, our lessons progressively challenge students to improve their application of knowledge through discussions of questions with increasing complexity.

Mastery of Examination Skills

To consider someone a master, practice and familiarity are necessary. Similarly, our aim to help students achieve mastery in chemistry will require consistent provision of practices for the students such that they are kept abreast of the trends in question types that will be tested in GCE A Level Chemistry (9729/8872) examination. We also strive to keep students well-practiced through our in class timed-practice such that they become more confident that they can finish the examination on time.

2017 JC Chemistry Tuition Class Schedule

View our 2017 class schedule and enrol in the JC Chemistry tuition programme for J1 and J2 H1/H2 students.

Class Activities

Our lessons are structured in a manner that will maximise the students’ learning opportunities in the limited period of two hours. The first hour will be focused on knowledge building through concepts teaching and clarification. Students will be encouraged to participate in the class discussion to make the learning process a more active one. Students will be receive pointers from the tutor on important aspects to look out for and also made aware of the common misconceptions made by past students.

In the second hour, the focus shifts to application of knowledge and mastery of examination skills. Worked examples, together with guided step-by-step verbalisation of the tutor’s thought process, will be used to keep the students engaged in the learning. After this process, students will attempt timed practice of MCQ, structured questions, and open-response questions. Immediate feedback will then be given to allow students to review the errors they made and encourage them to improve their response to the questions. Our class practices will tap on past questions of varying difficulty, such as those from top JCs to past year A level examination questions.

Give yourself the advantage in GCE A level Chemistry Examination.

Programme Benefits

The JC Chemistry tuition programme is a comprehensive learning avenue which students from various backgrounds can benefit from. Parents and students can be assured of the quality of the instructional teachings and learning resources provided. The programme has been specially designed to build students’ competence in the A level Chemistry in order to ace the subject.

Useful Study Notes

Students will receive concise and well-prepared notes and learning aid that assist in their individual revisions.

Exam-Smart Study Tips & Strategies

Students will receive tips and well-tested strategies on GCE A level Chemistry (9729/8872) examination.

Student Progress Monitoring

Students will receive constant feedback and monitoring of progress from tutor to make sure they keep pace with school demand and GCE A level examination requirements.

Build Exam Confidence

Programme will alleviate students apprehension towards chemistry and make them more confident at tackling a wide range of questions in examination.

Guidance from Experienced Tutor

Students are taught by a passionate tutor who is experienced and well-versed in the subject area.

Comprehensive Learning Resources

JC Chemistry Tuition Hub provides its students with comprehensive materials needed for them to excel in chemistry. Our materials include concise notes that help with student’s revision and their understanding of the various topics. In addition, we have compiled well-updated practice questions that test and challenge student’s proficiency and understanding of the topics. All these are done with the intention to increased exam-preparedness of every student of ours.

Study Notes

A set of well-organised notes that contain bite-sized information and presented in easy-to-read form is definitely essential for any JC students for their revision. The notes provided by JC Chemistry Tuition Hub are designed with the updated lesson objective in mind and hence help students focus on the important and critical concepts that they must know before entering any examination. Usually, students will be encouraged to modify and customise the notes to suit their individual learning needs.

MCQ Bank

Multiple choice questions are convenient tools used to test a student’s memory retention and understanding of the concepts learned especially after receiving an instructional lesson. At the same time, the decisional-making process in choosing the most appropriate response for MCQs will force students to be more active in terms of their learning while applying their knowledge. In our programme, MCQs compiled from various past examination, with varying difficulty, are often used as a mini-test for the tutors to assess students’ progress in learning and thus the tutor is more able to give appropriate feedback to the students on the areas of improvement.

About JC Chemistry Tutor Sze Chuan

Sze Chuan is a motivated JC Chemistry tutor, who believes that every student has what it takes to ace their exams. His experience in working with students from various background allows him to understand the various challenges that students have in terms of learning and revision and able to identify the unique learning needs of students. Under his tutelage, students will hone their analytical skills and be provided with various up-to-date learning resources. Students will eventually find that A level Chemistry (9729/8872) is a manageable subject which they will no longer shy away from.

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