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Our tuition for JC Economics is provided by JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng, Founder and Principal Tutor of Economics Focus. This tuition programme focuses extensively on four main areas of development, namely, knowledge acumen, skills development, examination adaption and methodological practices. Based on these areas of development, we develop a methodology of teaching that is exam-oriented, skills-emphasis and knowledge-enriched which will give our JC students to develop an advantage in this GCE A level Economics (9757/8818) examination. We also aspire to shape of our students to become rational thinkers of tomorrow who are keen learners to aspire to be better and more knowledgeable individuals in the future.

Economics Tuition Class Schedule

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Economics Tuition Programme

Methodology – How We Teach

Our methodology of teaching is exam-oriented as the main aim of the tuition programme is to help JC students ace their GCE A level Economics (9757/8818) examination. Beyond this aim, we also seek to nurture students’ interest and passion for knowledge, especially in the context of economics, as this quest for learning will nurture their capacity to be better thinker and writer to poise well for their examination. It is also our focus to enrich them with the skills to reflect, resolve and write well to enable them to comprehend the world better and thus, overcome their challenges in the future. To achieve our aims in our lessons, we strive to make our students, more knowledge, more skill competent and more reflective and rational.

Be Knowledgeable

It is imperative for students to proficient in their content knowledge in JC Economics. We emphasize in ensuring that JC students understand the definition of economics terms, explanation and application of economics principles, the illustration of diagrams supporting economics concepts and the analysis and evaluation of economic issues. To achieve this knowledge enrichment, we have a comprehensive content of teaching for our students to let them know how they will be taught. We also strive to educate them to link sections of the chapters and chapters to chapters to raise their abilities to adapt to the complexity and complication of the requirements of the questions of the GCE A Level Economics (9757/8818) examination. In this process of enrichment, we also stress on shaping students’ capacity to relate and apply the knowledge to the context of the questions.

Be reflective and rational

We strive to shape our students to be reflective and rational thinker as this is critical aspect of educational development that JC students must have to enable them to comprehend and apply their knowledge to a subject like JC Economics which has infinite ways of questioning. A sharp thinking capacity is vital in helping our students to score grade A for their examinations. To nurture this capacity, we believe in not just giving your students the answer, we want our students to develop the techniques in getting the answers and knowing their errors in getting the answers and correct them for improvement.

In the learning process, our students will be questioned and commented for their errors as we ignite their reflective and rational thinking as we explore empirical economic issues and apply to academic discussion and practices. We also cultivate their sharpness in deriving answers for the question and shape their orderly presentation ideas in their economic causation. This will raise their competency to write as fast as they think and talk under examination and posie them for Grade A.

Be skilful and technical

As the GCE A Level Economics (9757/8818) Examination is a written paper, it is logical that students must possess critical thinking and writing skills that will raise their capacity to answer well under exam-condition. Our skills development programmes JC Economics Essay Writing Skills and CSQ Answering Techniques will be part of the tuition programmes to nurture the skills that JC students need to possess to do well for their examinations.

For essay writing paper, our programme focuses on the teaching on how to understand the requirements of question, develop structure for writing, create introduction and economic causation for explanation and evaluation, illustrate graphs to the requirements of the questions and conclude with analytical opinions.

For Case Study paper, our programme focuses on the teaching of reading and data extraction techniques, understanding of economic issues, application of economics principles, development of answers for both short and long questions, writing of logical economic causation to the context of questions and application of economics concepts to the context of the question.

What we do during our lessons (essay writing, topical teaching, discussion, real world applications)

Our lessons are filled with teaching activities that will enrich our students within the two hours and it is quite packed with learning activities within the two hours of learning. In the first hour, the teaching activities focus on content teaching, essay discussion and CSQs question review and real world application. Students will be encouraged to give their views about the various aspects of discussion with the aim to ignite their reflective and rational thinking. It is our belief that our students will be able to think faster and wider in their discussion through these class activities and are more keen learners when they understand and reflect more on economic issues. In sum, we make lessons fun, educational and productive for learning and preparations for examination.

In the second hour of learning, the focus is on class practices where our students will be given class practices to improve structural development on question, essay writing practices and CSQ question to allow us to assess the ability to do questions. Questions will be reviewed and marked and students will be notified and reviewed of their errors. Our class practices focus on a wide spectrum of questions that will prepare them for the complexity of questions tested in the GCE A level Examination. In fact, we are quite good in seeing the trend of the examination that our practices are tested in the actual GCE A Level Economics (9757/8818) Examination. We are so exam-oriented that our students are poised for A.

Give yourself the advantage in GCE A level Examination.

Programme Benefits
Five advantages to be gained from joining our Economics Tuition

  1. Our students will get a set of well-prepared materials to make learning and preparation for the GCE A level examination an effortless but yet result-oriented learning process.
  2. Our students will be nurtured with the right thinking, writing and answering techniques to shape them to become rational thinker, prolific writer and exam-oriented students to excel in their examination.
  3. Close monitoring with extensive week-in and week-out practices and reviews to ensure that our students are well-prepared to excel under examination constraint.
  4. Our students are guided and taught by JC Economics tutor Simon Ng and his dedicated academic team who has successfully guided 90% of his to attain grade A and B in his twenty years of teaching career.
  5. We aspire our students not just to achieve academic success but to be an achiever in the future; always a better learner today than yesterday.

Join us now and be the rational thinker and prolific writer who strive for greater heights in your education and career.

The Excellent Study Guide by Economics Focus

To do well for examination, a set of good study notes is critical and vital in helping JC students to prepare them excel in the GCE A Level Economics (9757/8818) Examination. A good set of materials makes learning organized and systematic and this will encourage students to learn more as it is effortless. It will also nurture the skills as students will have to reflect on their learning based on a systematic learning journey. Very often, students have commented that they are more systematic and orderly in their thinking and writing after they learn through our studying structure based on this Study Guide which is based on four aspects of development.

JC Economics Notes

Our JC Economics covers the chapters of teaching as stated by Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) syllabus for 2016 and 2017. However, our notes is more elaborative in explanation as it is written in paragraph for adaption into questions (simply means cut and paste). The notes also emphasize on application to the context of question, focusing on how to link learning on a section to section within a chapter and chapters to chapters. Graphical demonstration is also listed and it is taught with the teaching on how to adapt to questions and different economic conditions. Our JC Economics Notes is also listed online at our website which will cover a range of economics definition to help our students improve their memory and understanding of these economics terms. The bottomline is to help our students improve their comprehension and proficiency of the content knowledge.

JC Economics Essays

Our JC Economics Essays focuses on nurturing our students’ ability to understand the requirements of the question, derivation of structural answers and development of causation to explain and evaluate. To achieve, our sample essays are given for teaching activities for essay discussion, sample answer for written or structural development practices. Most questions are answered based on our essay writing skills programme so as to demonstrate to students on how to emulate the writings. Students will also learn more on how to think faster, develop causation effectively and evaluate logically and analytically to the requirements of the questions. Our JC Economics essays will also cover a wide range of context based on past years papers and JCs’ examination and questions exclusively designed by the Academic Team of Economics Focus, based on the trend of GCE A Level Economics (9757/8818) examination.

JC Case Study Questions

Our JC Case Study Questions aims to imbue in students the CSQ answering techniques by teaching and testing our students on their abilities to comprehend and extract data, their application of economics principles to the context of the questions. The set of case study questions is arranged in an order that covers a wide range questions which will link different chapters, spreading over different industries and countries and different microeconomic and macroeconomics issues. Each CSQs given for class practices and discussion will have answers and guidance that teach JC students on how to structure their answering, develop their economic causation and the content knowledge required for the questions. The emphasis for CSQs is also on the answering techniques for different types of questions like trend analysis, evaluation on solutions and etc.

JC Economics Essay Writing Skills

Studying materials on JC Economics Skills cover areas of development like Essay Writing Skills and CSQ Answering Techniques. These materials will show students on how to nurture their thinking and writing skills and there is step-by-step approach on how these skills are used to help students answer the questions. Along with class practices and discussion on essay writing and CSQs, students will be able to nurture their JC Economics skills to improve their competency to answer questions under examination constraints.

About JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng

JC Economics Tutor and Founder of Economics Focus, Simon Ng has been teaching JC Economics and General Paper for the past twenty years and it is his pride that many JC students have achieved academic success under his guidance and tutorship. Simon has strong and keen passion in the teaching of Economics and General Paper and is patient and instrumental in his delivery of lessons. Having an in-depth experience of the learning complexities and difficulties, Simon has developed his own methodology of Teaching, Rational Thinking, which emphasizes on the Essay Writing Skills and Case Study Answering Techniques that nurture the thinking and writing skills to improve their competency to undergo examination for GCE A Level Economics (9757/8818). It is the belief of Simon that all JC students can excel in the GCE A level examination if they are taught effectively to develop their content knowledge and nurture their thinking and writing skills.

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