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Here you will find out all about what JC Tuition Hub has to offer. We provide up to date information on all our tutors together with reviews and testimonials. We also have in detail, the profile of each individual tutor as well as his/her speciality and schedule. Come and take a look at our sought after tutors.

What is this website about?

JC Tuition Hub aims to provide both students and parents with comprehensive information on our tuition schedules as well as on our various highly regarded tutors. This is so users will be able to make better decisions with regards to choosing the right tutor to aid them in their JC educational journey. Along with it, this platform also serves as an avenue for both parents and students to sign up for our highly sought after tuition classes.

Who is it for?

JC Tuition Hub is catered mainly for students who will be taking their A level examinations as well as their parents. Not only does this website provide key information regarding tutors and their programmes, it also provides professional support for students and parents who need help with academic issues.

How it can benefit JC students?

The problem with tutors nowadays is that they have varying teaching styles and without proper guidance and information, it could lead to a mismatch with a student’s learning ability. That is why this website connects students with their prospective tutors directly. By listing down extensive information about all our tutors, we allow students to get a good sensing of which tutor suits their learning styles which would amount to them making much better choices, ultimately benefitting greatly from it. The key is to empower students with as much information as possible to allow them to make more informed decisions.

Our JC Tutors

JC Tuition Hub features a team of experienced tutors that will guide students towards the attainment of academic success at the A Level examinations. These tutors possess versatile teaching methods that are employed to match the varying learning preferences of students. For example, students can engage in active discussions with the JC tutors to develop a more in-depth and clearer understanding of certain concepts and processes.

Besides, the passion for teaching and undying motivation to improve oneself have been the guiding principle for the tutors, such that students will be inspired to push beyond their perceived limits. As educators, it is acknowledged that education is a lifelong journey for everyone. Therefore, on top of the aim of acing the examination, the JC tutors will impart the skills of learning for students to pursue knowledge at the A Level and beyond.

JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng

JC Economics tutor Simon Ng employs the teaching methodology, known as Rational Thinking, in which students will learn to process information, reflect and express their ideas clearly. Simon believes in the development of effective thinking and writing skills, such that students can handle the complex challenges that are observed in the present day.

JC GP Tutor Simon Ng

JC GP tutor Simon Ng developed the Sensible Minds teaching methodology, in which students learn to express their points clearly both in verbal and written forms. Simon advocates the pursuit of knowledge with purpose as students must be prepared to face the complicated problems that are presented in the working world. Simon utilizes a teaching approach that students can follow.

JC Maths Tutor Sze Chuan

JC Maths tutor Sze Chuan imparts students with the essential problem solving skills to handle the rigours of the A Level Mathematics examination. Sze Chuan advocates the acquisition of Mathematical knowledge through regular practice of questions as some students hold the misconceptions that reading notes would suffice. Also, the tutor’s dedication has inspired students to approach the subject fearlessly.

JC Chemistry Tutor Sze Chuan

JC Chemistry tutor Sze Chuan motivates students to develop the investigation skills and scientific inquiry through the inclusion of real world applications. Sze Chuan believes that such a teaching approach will be beneficial to students as they will develop the interest towards A Level Chemistry, thereby improving the knowledge retention rate.

JC History Tutor Justin Ng

JC History tutor Justin Ng believes in the attainment of idea expression and thinking skills to ensure that students can express their points with clarity and precision. Justin teaches students to synergise their knowledge of the real world experiences and observations with their subject mastery. By doing so, students can relate what they have learnt for A Level History more effectively.

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