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JC students who are preparing for the A Level examinations may encounter study-related obstacles that impede their progress, such as time management and conceptual understanding issues. Without proper guidance, it can be a time-consuming and stressful experience for students. Therefore, JC Tuition Hub was established to provide the much-needed academic guidance and support for students to learn purposefully and effectively.

Why join JC Tuition Hub?

JC Tuition Hub is set up by a team of experienced JC tutors, who are committed in making sure that students can surmount their academic obstacles and succeed in their A Level examinations. These JC tutors offer a wide spectrum of JC tuition programmes that will meet the latest syllabus requirements for students either in the Science or Arts streams.

Exam-Oriented Classes

One of the key priorities of the JC tuition programmes is to guide students through the rigorous and demanding examination preparation phase to ensure that they are competent to excel in their studies. In view of the recent changes to the examination trends, it is important for students to recognize the subtle yet significant shifts in focus of examination questions. Therefore, the JC tutors will place much emphasis on exam preparation whilst imparting the required knowledge and skills to students.

Progressive Learning

Throughout the journey, students can seek guidance from the JC tutors to clarify doubts and misconceptions to achieve consistency in learning. As students have expressed their concerns of the inability to cope with the fast-paced lessons in schools, the JC tuition programmes are conducted in ways to ensure that students can cover the key areas efficiently. In addition, the student-tutor ratio is maintained at an optimal level to ensure adequate attention is given to every individual.

Think Critically

Given the increasing complexity of problems that are observed in the local and international levels, professionals in the public and private sectors have stressed the need for 21st Century individuals to possess problem solving skills. As such, the JC tuition programmes are conducted to prepare students for these developments by refining their critical thinking skills. Students will learn how to observe, analyze, and overcome problems in multi-varied perspectives.

JC Tuition Class Schedule

JC Tuition Hub offers many classes to cater to the varied needs of students. As educators, we understand that students are pressed for time. Therefore, the JC tuition programmes feature alternative time-slots for students to attend the lessons consistently.

Master A Level subjects with our JC Tuition

In addition to personal level studies and school lessons, students can augment their revision by enrolling in our JC tuition programmes. The classes are separated into regular tuition and intensive revision. For regular tuition, students will attend lessons on a weekly basis to achieve consistency in the mastery of topics. The regular tuition classes are conducted with the aim of helping students to cope with the topics taught at schools. As for the intensive revision, students will improve their application skills to prepare for the examinations.

JC Economics Tuition

The study of A Level Economics is supported with our economics tuition classes that will help students to comprehend the economic trends observed in the past and present. Students taking H2 or H1 Economics will be equipped with economic tools and knowledge to interpret the economic developments with the use of real world examples and case studies. By learning to relate to real world applications, students are more prepared for the challenges of the examinations.

JC GP Tuition

The GP tuition will be focused on thinking and writing skills to ensure that students develop the awareness and capability to utilize knowledge about various issues. These issues are covered on a thematic basis, in which students will identify key terms, factors and impacts to develop a comprehensive understanding of the topics. Furthermore, real world examples are introduced to help students to draw parallel comparisons with the topics discussed in class.

JC History Tuition

The JC History tuition programme is geared towards the acquisition of critical thinking and writing skills, in which students will learn how to process information objectively and form arguments systematically. H2 and H1 History students will undergo content enrichment and recognize the significance of historical developments. Also, students are encouraged to pose questions and express opinionated views to develop the essential thinking skills.

JC Maths Tuition

The study of A Level Mathematics can be carried out via our JC maths tuition programme, in which students will obtain a strong grasp of Pure Mathematics and Statistics. For H2 or H1 Mathematics students, they will undergo topical revision to reinforce their understanding of concepts. Class practices are conducted to facilitate the cultivation of problem solving techniques. A broad range of questions are introduced to help students to integrate cross-chapter knowledge.

JC Chemistry Tuition

The JC Chemistry tuition classes will guide students through the analysis of scientific concepts and experimental outcomes. Students taking either H2 or H1 Chemistry will undergo an exam-driven study curriculum, in which class practices will serve as timely opportunities to assess their level of exam preparedness. Also, the provision of revision notes, students can reinforce their conceptual understanding and invest more time in the refinement of skills application.

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