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JC History Tuition

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Join our 8-lesson JC 2 H2 or H1 History Tuition classes to prepare for the Term 3 Preliminary Examinations. We conduct real-time discussion to examine topics such as the Global Economy, United Nations, Inter-state Tensions and ASEAN. Learn how to answer essay and source based case study questions, which are reviewed and marked by our JC History Tutor.

Join our 4-lesson JC 1 H2 or H1 History Tuition lessons to grasp the fundamentals of GCE A Level History. We provide summary notes for source based case study topics such as the Emergence of Bipolarity, A World Divided by the Cold War as well essay chapters like Approaches to Governance and Superpower relations with China. Find out how you can organise your essay writing structure and form well-analysed arguments effectively.

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JC History Tuition Programme (Learning Approach)

Students who enrol in our JC History tuition classes will be introduced to varied forms of learning, seen in terms of the engaging class activities that will promote opinionated thinking, such that students can analyse information critically. The acquisition of proficient thinking and writing skills is of paramount importance. As such, our tutors will guide students through an instructional and progressive study curriculum that will build up their content knowledge and refine application skills.

Build Up Your Knowledge

Knowledge acquisition is done through active classroom participation, in which students will discuss with the tutors about the chapters covered in the A Level History (9752/8814) syllabus. Given that the vast depth and wide breadth of content that is available online and in the school notes, the JC History tuition programme will pinpoint the essential areas of study to ensure that students invest adequate time on each topic.

Cultivate critical thinking skills

The examination of historical developments requires students to perceive and process information objectively to derive convincing arguments in the essay and source based questions. The JC History tutors will use example questions to impart critical thinking skills to students, in which students will learn how to annotate points, extract key information, and derive the implication of ideas to answer the questions.

Acquire Proficient Writing Skills

The assessment of a student’s ability to score in the A Level History (9752/8814) examination is conducted through knowledge application. During the JC History tuition classes, students will undergo regular practices to refine their writing skills. Timed class practices will be useful to strengthen their time management skills as students will be accustomed to the given time constraints that simulate examination conditions. Also, the tutors will evaluate the answers of students and provide feedback to improve the quality of writing.

What we do during our lessons? (Class Activities)

The JC History tuition programme will pique the interest of students towards the subject as our class activities are prepared and conducted with the aims of helping students to improve their application skills and developing the appreciation of studying History. The curriculum is refined over time to match the latest syllabus requirements set by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB). In addition, we provide learning resources to improve the revision process for students. Hence, the exam-centric focus will be beneficial to students in myriad ways.

Topical Teaching

Our JC History tuition classes are organized and segmented based on the papers covered for H1 and H2 History students, such as International History and History of Southeast Asia in the post-independence period. Within each theme, students will receive study notes to grasp the main points to identify historical perspectives for essay writing and source based questions.

Class Practices

Inadequate attempt of practice questions is the prime reason to explain the frictional experiences of students during their school tests. As such, the JC History tuition programme will place great emphasis on class practices to give students the opportunities to apply their knowledge consistently. Student answers are marked and reviewed by the tutors to assess their progress, whilst in preparation for the examination.

Issue-Based Discussion

Students will learn how to direct and build up the discussion of historical developments during the JC History tuition programme. By doing so, students will develop thinking skills to support their evaluation of points when answering the source based questions and essay questions. Under the guidance of the tutors, students will learn to broaden and set perspectives to meet the question requirements.

Programme Benefits

The JC History tuition programme is beneficial to students as the classes will improve their understanding of the topics and cultivate writing techniques to support their discussion in the essays and source based questions. Our JC History tutors provide study materials that are geared towards examination preparation to ensure that students can optimise their time spent on revision. Through this comprehensive study approach, students will develop the confidence and competency to overcome the challenges of the subject.

Receive Exam-Centric Study Resources

We address the concerns that students have over the vast content covered in A Level History (9752/8814) by providing educational resources to support their revision. These study materials are prepared by our JC History tutors, who have streamlined and refined the scope of learning to ensure that students possess adequate knowledge towards the key issues in every topic.

Sharpen Answering Techniques

Students will learn how to express their views persuasively for the JC History essays. For the source based questions (SBQs), students are taught to process information from the given extracts and pick out the subtle implications of the texts. The refinement of answers is achieved via process explanation and causation writing. With an organized thinking process, students can express the points clearly.

Progressive Learning

JC History tutors will assess the competency level of students during the tuition programme and provide useful feedback to guide them through the mastery of the subject. The curriculum is set with the consideration of the varied starting points of students to ensure that they can cope with the pace of learning. Therefore, the classes are held to facilitate the cultivation of fundamental knowledge and skills.

Tutor Consultation

For students that need guidance, they can consult our JC History tutors to clarify doubts and misconceptions regarding the A Level History (9752/8814) topics. Tutors encourage students to ask questions as they can then identify the learning setbacks that students encounter along the way and provide solutions to address them. Hence, the availability of tutor support will ease the frictional learning experience.

Learning Resources

Students who join our JC History tuition classes can tap on the useful learning resources that will aid them in the mastery of the subject. The tutors have prepared notes, practice questions and other materials that will help students to surmount the academic obstacles for A Level History (9752/8814). These materials are improved on regularly to match the latest examination trends that are observed by the tutors. Furthermore, it is through the feedback and interaction with former students that enabled tutors to adjust the content organization and areas of learning to keep learning enjoyable.

JC History Notes

The JC History notes are sectioned based on the different themes set in Paper 1 and Paper 2. Within each theme, students can develop a wholesome understanding of the historical developments through the timeline summary, important historical events, and main areas of discussion. Students can then maximise the learning effectiveness by applying the knowledge from the notes to questions.

Practice Questions

As emphasized earlier, the JC History tuition programme prioritises regular attempt of questions to make sure that students are prepared for the examination. Given the increasing complexity of past examination questions, the tutors provide many practice questions for essays and SBQs for students to try. By doing so, students will build familiarity towards the different angles of discussion.

Skills-Based Development Materials

To ace the A Level History (9752/8814) examination, students are advised to build up their application skills. Our learning resources will introduce to students the important skills, like information extraction, writing structure, introduction writing, and perspective setting. However, the mastery of such skills is possible only through regular practices that our JC History tuition will offer.

About JC History tutor Justin Ng

JC History tutor Justin Ng has been involved in the teaching of A Level History for H1 and H2 students for several years. Justin advocates skills-based application as students lack the ability to analyse information effectively to express their points clearly. Through his dedication, students have been influenced to do their best, regardless of the setbacks encountered. Justin will assess the progress of every student to make sure that they are prepared for the examination. Also, Justin uses real world examples to provide context to students on certain historical developments to sustain their interest towards the subject.

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